Two perspectives on the League

The League (2009) sitcom Positive approach to viewers:

The league is an American-oriented television show with some fresh twists. It started airing on 2009, taking the mass by surprise with its storyline that concerns mainly a sport subject with a dash of technological inspiration- a theme combination that isn’t really given that much attention. It digs deeper into the lives of the average American, especially for their love of the football sport. Each character represents a different persona, there’s the leader, the emotional, the nerd, the underdog, the one of the guys and the other recurring characters that makes the show lively and entertaining. Throughout the show, even if you are not an athletic type of person or a football fanatic, you will learn to appreciate it eventually. The sitcom is packed with comedy, relationships, not-so-much-drama and well, of course- football. It portrays situations realistically and it doesn’t sugar coat different situations- not all ends happily as do most reality does, but along the way, it still sends a message to the viewers to enjoy life and have fun. This also teaches you the value of friendship, the appreciation of the subject sport, teamwork, competition and everyday life in the perspective of an average Joe.


The League (2009) sitcom Negative approach to viewers:

This show is eventually quoted as Strictly Parental Guidance (SPG) or PG-13, there are some scenes wherein the characters discuss sensitive topics about sexuality, sexual approach, morality of a character and other grown up stuffs; there are also some times where they tackle religions – a very sensitive subject that even if meant as a fun play can indeed infuriate religious people. Perhaps mainly due to the fact that the target viewers of the show are adults, it sadly doesn’t concern censorship in some scenes as well- a child who watches this is very much inappropriate. Often at times, the characters uses foul words- yes, such words are commonly used in this modern and liberated generation, but one must keep in mind that strict and conservative people still doesn’t approve of this type of communication- an indication that the variety of the viewers that this show gets still depends on how it is perceived and embraced by the mass. All in all, although a lot of people can benefit through it when it comes to a good laugh, this sitcom is definitely not family oriented or kid-friendly, if you want to view episodes of “the League” online, make sure you put up a parental blocker so you children can’t easily watch it.

Things to do when your on a long journey

How often do you find yourself traveling from one destination to the next destination with nothing to do. It happens to all of us travelers at one point or another. They say that half the fun of traveling is getting there, but they never mention anything about the long boring moments whilst you are getting there.

That optimistic enthusiastic traveler inside me would probably slap the guy writing this who most certainly has missed the point, but I don’t care. You got to admit, if you don’t feel even a little bit bored sometimes when traveling, there would have to be something wrong with you (ok that went a little bit far, but you get my point).

So what things can you do when you’re on one of your journeys across the globe? Maybe you were on your way to the Maldives for some surfing or maybe you were looking forward to going skiing in Canada and staying at one of the fabulous hotels in Revelstoke, Canada, there are countless things that will help you fill up the time until you get to your destination.

1. Play a game

First and foremost you could do what you used to do back when you were just a kid. Play a game. Solitaire, chess or if you have a computer play a video game. Whatever you like.


2. Watch a Movie

If you do in fact have a laptop why not watch a movie or a television series, like the Walking Dead or one of my latest and most favorite you could watch True Detective. You could also try watching the Newsroom, Gilmore girls (for the ladies) or Revenge.

3. Talk to a Stranger or Local

Yep, that’s right. Probably the most rewarding thing you can do when going from point a to b on a trip is to talk to a complete stranger. Make a friend. And if you’re lucky enough to be seated next to someone who is lives at the destination you are going to, you can quiz them about what to do and where to go once you get there. Trust me, this is your best option.

The tide flows in and the tide flows out

Welcome to our new blog “Sunset Lagoon”. We’ll cover a wide range of just about everything, but most specifically we want to talk about Hotels and travel. We love to travel, and like most of you out there (I’m sure) we love staying in luscious resorts and hotels when we do.

Sunset Lagoon was once a site for a great hotel in Asia, but we’ve transformed it now into a much greater site that will appeal to people from all walks of life.

Do you like to travel, do you like staying in fancy 5 star accommodation? Or do you like staying in the more humble of lodgings, like a hostel or a Bed and Breakfast? Then we’ll give you the sort of reviews that would make you want to start packing your bags right here and now.

Ken and Lorrie

Lately, I’ve been hitting up a lot of snow trips. Because yes you guessed it, I love skiing. Skiing in the European Alps, or in the North American Rockies, I don’t care. Did you know that you can even ski in Australia? Yes the land of sun, beaches and kangaroos gets snow. Albeit not a hell of a lot. But the snow is surrounded by blue gum tree’s so it makes for an amazing ski run. The colours of the tree’s pop out in the cold. Really great. I’m sure I will cover this topic soon.

So any way a couple of ideas for what we will cover moving forward with Sunset Lagoon. Don’t hesitate to hit me up if you have any questions about any of our content. Or if you want to suggest something for us to write about, we’d be happy to consider it. We want to write the most impartial reviews we can.

Hope you enjoy it, keep reading and keep traveling.